Giving Back...

Every year I knit hats for homeless kids in my area.  It is such an enjoyable and fulfilling project--the group that coordinates the effort hosts a big meal during the holidays and wraps each hat donated so each person gets a hat.  There are a lot of families that attend, some with babies and very small children.  For most of these kids, it is all they will get for Christmas.

I have been doing this for a couple of years now, and this year I got a head start on my yearly projects.  I use this pattern (on Ravelry):

Triple Threat Toddler Hat Pattern

Love this pattern because it used three strands of yarn, yielding a super thick and warm hat.  Also, it's fun to get creative with the color combinations.  Throughout the year, I'll save yarn leftover from other projects and buy yarn on sale/clearance and keep it in a bin.  When it is time to start on my annual project, I have a huge arsenal of charity yarn!

I then put a tag on each one and use festive holiday yarn to decorate.  I got 12 done so far this year (got 24 done last year), but plan to make some more before the holidays roll around again.  Love doing this!

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