National Craft Month

 Did you know March is National Craft Month?  When I learned this, I got all excited but then I realized every month is craft month in our house.  There's always some glitter somewhere that just won't go away no matter how many times I sweep, yarn spilling out from bins and boxes and everywhere else it will let me put it, and construction paper scraps peeking out from piles of mail.

What will you be crafting for National Craft Month?

In honor of my celebratory mood, here's a quick springy tutorial that's so darn cute from Martha Stewart's website for making yarn flowers...enjoy!!!

Yarn Flowers

Tools and Materials
Embroidery floss
Green cloth-covered floral wire
Green floral tape

Yarn Flowers How-To
1. and 2. For stamens, wind floss four times around two fingers; for petals, wind yarn fifteen times around three fingers.
3. Center floss on top of yarn. Fold 9 to 10 inches of floral wire in half.
4. Hook wire over center of yarn and floss; pinch tight, and twist to create the stem.
5. Snip looped ends of floss and yarn, and fluff.
6. Cinch at base of flower with floral tape, and cover stem.
7. Trim stamens short; adjust petals, trimming to desired length. Tie flowers together into a nosegay, and attach a safety pin for a corsage (top left); or use more floral tape for a vine to crawl along the handle of a straw basket.

From Martha Stewart Living, April 2001

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