Knitting green...with pretty yarn (part 1)

In honor of Earth Day this month (April 22), here are some gorgeous yarns that are lovely to work with and are considered eco-friendly:

(all yarns shown here can be purchased at:
awesome online yarn shop with fabulous customer service)

Sea Silk Yarn
What it is: A shimmering beautiful yarn made of 70% silk and 30% "Seacell" which is made from seaweed.
Example Shown: Hand Maiden Sea Silk
Cotton Yarn
What it is: Yarn made from 100% cotton not only has the benefit of being a plant based fiber, but is great for warm weather knitting, those with wool allergies, is generally inexpensive and widely available.
Example Shown: Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme
Bamboo (or Bamboo Blend Yarn)
What it is: With a silky texture and a gorgeous drape, another ideal yarn for warm weather.
Example Shown: Bijou Basin Ranch Bamboo Blend
Cascade Ecological Wool
What it is: A beautiful alpaca fiber that is undyed and is available in the natural colors of the animal.  One of my favorites.
Example Shown: Cascade Ecological Wool in Latte
Happy green knitting!

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