Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knitting Green...with Pretty Yarn (Part 2)

Part two of eco-friendly yarns...

Hemp Yarn
What it is: Hemp is one of the world's premier renewable resources.  A very strong fiber, making for strong finished garments.  An all season fiber; cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
Example Shown: 100% pure hemp (love the color!)
Corn Yarn
What it is: A round or flat strand yarn (think fettuccine!) from the eco-friendly corn plant.  A light weight yarn perfect for warm weather, it is also washable and dryable.
Example Shown: Kollage Yarns Corntastic
Soysilk Yarn
What it is: A renewable yarn spun from soy proteins, has a beautiful silk drape and is warm and soft.
Example Shown: 100% soysilk fine yarn
Banana Fiber Silk Yarn
What it is: Made from the fiber of the banana tree, soft, handspun and hand dyed.
Example Shown: Landscapes Banana Fiber Silk Yarn

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