FO - Chunky Neckwarmer

Just got this off the needles...

It is the "Chunky Button-up Neckwarmer-Cowl" pattern, Ravelry Link Here
(Be sure to check out the pattern too, the designer shows at least six different ways to wear it!)

I really liked the concept of this neckwarmer because the buttons make it very customizable for the wearer.  Such a simple design and many, many different options.  I didn't knit it with anyone in mind, but I still think it will make a lovely gift for someone on my holiday list this year.

I did some serious stash busting with this one combining some pretty Homespun left over from a shawl and some lilac Caron's Simply Soft Eco...I was kind of worried while working on it because I thought my yarn choices were going to make the fabric too bulky, but it proved to be a good choice because it yielded a warm and soft drape.

...finished it off with some mother of pearl buttons, which picked up the purple hues from the yarn...happy with this project!


  1. Where can I find this pattern for the FO Chunky Neckwarmer? I am just learning to knit and this looks like it might not be too hard... Your post has a line tht says "RAV link here" but it doesn't have an actual link.... thankyou.

    1. Fixed the will take to the spot where you can find the pattern...hope that helps! :)

  2. I'm just a beginner. Do you make button holes or just slip the buttons through a hole in the scarf. If you make button holes how does one go about that?

    1. It's been such a long time since I made it, but I'm pretty sure the decorative eyelets made the buttonholes. You can make button holes by doing a yarn over or two, casting off a few stitches and then casting on in the next row, etc.

      Hope you are enjoying your knitting adventures!!



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