Just a lovely day of knitting and baking...

In my day dreams I spend the day in my apron baking scrumptious treats, and while they are in the oven I whip up a sweater or two...

While that has never happened (and probably never will), today was pretty darn close.  I am in charge of desserts this year for our Thanksgiving festivities and I (hope) I did not disappoint.  Today I whipped up Pumpkin Fluff Dip (served with graham cracker sticks), 2 pumpkin pies, 1 apple pie, and 2 dozen pumpkin spice cake balls (they are like delectable little super rich truffles...pictures forthcoming).  Can you believe it?  Here is a picture of this guy:

I wish I could post a link of the wonderful aroma for you...

I'm so proud of myself!  I made it from scratch, did a lattice top, egg wash and everything! Yay!

As far as my knitting goes, I did all of the finish work for my charity hats.  Every year around this time, I make hats throughout the year and donate them to homeless kids in the area.  This year I made 16!  Every time I finish a project, I throw the leftover yarn in a bin and use it up for this project.  It is so satisfying to give back...Most of the hats have 3 strands of yarn of worsted weight held together, creating a super lofty hat.  Some are knit with super chunky yarn...
Towers of hats! 
Recognize the Toddler Rugby Hat on top?

The other significant thing about this project is that I've been told by the people who coordinate this effort that the hats are the only things most of the kids receive from anyone. How could I not participate--it sure does tug on my heartstrings!  They serve a big hot meal to the kids and their families and present each person with all kinds of handmade goodies.  Here's the little tag I put on them:

Here's to a very happy and satisfying day!

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