Stitchy Tutorial: Grosgrain Ribbon Belt

Grosgrain Ribbon Belt

A simple little belt that uses a small bit of ribbon and a clasp. With the little amount of sewing required, I went ahead and hand stitched it, but feel free to fire up you machine too.

I used a cute vintage belt clasp, but a d-ring works just as nicely. Just be sure to match the width of the ribbon to the clasp.  This is so super simple!

  • Grosgrain Ribbon (I used 7/8 inch ribbon) 
  • Belt Clasp or D-Rings 
  • Needle and Thread 
  • Pins


Wrap ribbon around your waist (or waist of recipient), leaving plenty of extra (several inches) for sewing/finishing.

With desired clasp, fold over edge of one side and pin in place.

Stitch in place (note: I stitched across and then came back over to make it extra secure)

He, stitches aren't quite so perfect, good thing this part is hidden!

Put belt on and neatly trim other end.

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