Stitchy Tutorial: How to Make Your Own French Knitter

Yesterday, I showed you how to use a French Knitter:

Here's how to make one using only a toilet paper tube, craft sticks, and tape (packing or masking).

This is a great project for kids too, it is actually two activities in one, the making of the spool (kids would like decorating it too with stickers) and the knitting part.  Plus a large spool is fun and easy for little hands.

First decide if you want yours to have four or six sticks, I made the one shown with six sticks.  If you want four, tape the first two across from each other, and the last two on either side of that.  For six, tape them around making them of equal distance apart.  I left about an inch or so of stick sticking up from the top.  If that is too high for you, try a half inch.

Finished!  Now you are ready to start making cords with your own handmade French Knitter!

Here's a free knitting pattern using the cords:

© Jennifer Dickerson 2012

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