How To Make Tiny Heart Earrings

These earrings are super cute and use just a smidge of sock yarn. For a bolder pair, try using thicker yarn and a bigger hook.

  • 2.75mm (C) hook
  • Sock yarn in color(s) of your choice
  • Tapestry needle
  • Jump Rings (2 per pair)
  • French Earring Hooks (2 per pair)
  • Needle Nose Pliers


Start by making two below will show you how to make them)

Using the pliers, open up one jump ring (note: sometimes if it is too fiddly, I use two pairs of pliers to open it)

Carefully slide the open jump ring into the top of your heart, and add the french hook.

Close the jump ring with pliers and you're all done!  Repeat for the second earring.

Note: The darker fuchsia yarn is Smooshy Dream In Color in Ruby River and the lighter colored yarn is Araucania Ranco those colors!


  1. Hi There.

    I really like your blog. I am in the process of knitting the hat with the bow on it for my niece but I don't quite understand how to finish the hat off. The break a long tail and thread through remaining stitches. I'm sure this seems very simple to most people but I am a fairly new knitter. When I am holding my knitting in the round, which stitches do I start to trhead first.

    Thank in advance for your help!

    1. First, thanks for your kind words!

      To finish, when holding your knitting in the round, cut your yarn, leaving a fairly long tail. Thread it on your tapestry needle, and draw it through the first stitch closest to the tip of the needle. Then proceed with the next, and so on until there are no more stitches left...then draw them tightly, make a knot (I like to do this with the tapestry needle still attached) Draw the yarn to the inside of the hat and snip off. Done!

  2. l love this idea - l am a massive hearts design fan and l am always looking for new ideas and inspiration. l am not the best at knitting, but l think l will have a go at these!

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