An Eggcellent Wreath Indeed...

Hi Folks!  Just got done making egg wreath!  I've been seeing it all over Pinterest (are you all on this yet?) but this was my favorite wreath here.

It was super simple to make...mine turned out a little bigger (OK, it's gigantic) and my eggs look a little more scattered, but I LOVE it!

All you need is a wreath form (I used 14 inch stryofoam one), a scrap of ribbon, and plastic eggs...

lots of them.  I had 3 bags of 48 each and used all but 6. 

All I did was tie a little piece of cotton yarn for a hanger, then started gluing with my hot glue gun to cover the form,

there was really no rhyme or reason to how I glued them, and perhaps that's evident...but I kind of like the scattered look of them, like festive jelly beans in a bowl.

I put mine on an interior door in my house, but you could easily hang this on a front door.  So cute!


  1. Wonderful.. This is a very good idea. I like it so much..

    1. Thanks! I kept seeing these on Pinterest and had to try making one for my door too!


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