How to Make Yarny Grass

Here is some yarny grass to fill your basket this spring. This is a great project too for leftover St. Patrick's Day yarn. Try mixing up the greens too for a variegated effect. The grass "tuft" is totally removable, so you can use your basket for something else later.

All you need is some grassy colored yarn, a glue gun, a piece of card stock or cardboard, and a container of your choosing.

Start by cutting your card stock/cardboard to fit the bottom of the container,

We will make the grass in bundles...the bigger your container is, the more bundles you will be making. Wind some yarn around your hand or a piece of cardboard,

Carefully slide your hand/cardboard out,

Tie towards the bottom with a length of yarn,

Snip the loops from the longer/top side, and leave the bottom (shorter side) intact as shown:

Now squirt some glue onto the card and glue the intact/loopy side to the card. Note: it helps to let the hot glue set up for a few seconds to make a bit more tacky so it doesn't fall over.

Put some more glue down for the other bundles (for my container I made a total of four bundles)

Here it is with four bundles glued in place.

Place the card into the container...

Yikes! What a mess! If your container is deep, simply place some crumpled paper or tin foil to "lift" your bundles (I prefer tin foil it's nice, sturdy and stays in place)

Like so,

Much better! Now just give the grass a few snips and fluff it up...

All done! You could make each grass blade of equal length, but I kind of like it like this, it looks natural, like it grew that way.

Here are some cute eggs you can put in your yarny grass basket too!

One Round Baby Eggs-Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. Very good idea. And very cute. I can make it. Thank you very much..

  2. Clever, easy and adorable!

  3. So easy and much less messy than the plastic and paper grass I am still finding from last Easter! ;)

    1. Yes! I seem to have more yarn than anything else, so it was easy to find for this project!

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