Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dirt cheap blocking mats (and how to get yours too)!

Good Morning Lovely Stitchers!

I discovered something this week and I just have to share!  I got these cheap-o blocking mats on clearance at a toy store for just $15!  The fancy ones at yarn shops are normally $25+ for twelve 12"X12" squares, but my (15 dollar!) set is sixteen 12"X12" squares.  Awesome!!!!

Well hello there, Buzz Lightyear...

Well they're actually technically play mats for kids (mine happen to be Toy Story characters, but they had princess ones too if that's your cup of tea), but they are the same thing as "real" blocking just have to flip them over so the picture is on the bottom...I took them for a test drive and blocked a scarf the other day, before I shared with you, and they worked beautifully and perfectly, allowing the piece to dry effectively and holding pins like a champ...success!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hooray, it's finished!

In the eleventh hour I finished the cross stitch I was making for my Nana's 90th turned out lovely!  

Sorry for the horribly shadowy pictures, it has been raining non stop here and my natural light source has been limited.  Work in progress pictures here... Anyhow, I put it in a white wooden picture frame and she was tickled to recieve it...success!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's NICU baby knitting time again!

I have several charity projects I do throughout the year to benefit those in need.  Every April I make a batch of hats for the littlest NICU babies that need something to keep their tiny heads warm.  As a mother, it speaks to my heart and I try to make about a 10-12 or so, some for the baby boys and some for the baby girls.  I'm a little behind this year, but they will get done in time!

Got two on the needles right now...

The Johns Hopkins Children's Center is near and dear to my heart, and they are doing amazing and remarkable things for children every day.  I met a lovely lady on Ravelry who coordinates different projects every month, and every March/April is dedicated to the NICU babies.  

Here's what I sent last year...
Helping Kids At Hopkins Ravelry Group

Other things the group does throughout the year are blankets, chemo caps, amigurumis, and Halloween hats!  

A note too about knitting for sure to check these things first:

  • Does the hospital accept hand made items?
  • Does the hospital have a need for the items? Some already have a ton of things they receive already, others may not be getting enough.
  • Check too about the yarn requirements, most hospitals will sterilize the hats, so a durable and washable yarn is most definitely required.  Acrylic is used often because of its washability and warmth.
  • Who coordinates donations?  Where is the best place to take the hats?

Oh, and these are the patterns I use for my annual project:

I look forward to knitting for the littlest babies all year, such a fun project and that hats are so cheerful...hope they add a little comfort and cheer to the babies who need them most!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Birdhouse for Nana...

My Nana turned 90 years young this week and I am working furiously to get this little number finished for her.  It's on 14ct Aida with regular DMC embroidery floss and a #24 tapestry needle.  The birdhouse design is from a wonderful book called Quick To Stitch Cross Stitch Keepsakes by Helen Philipps...I just love her aesthetic and sweet little pictorials.  

Cross stitching (like knitting) is so meditative!  Such a fun and relaxing way to wrap up a day. Oh, here's a close will eventually be a birdhouse, and I have to do some more border work around it...stay tuned, hope, hope, hope it gets done this week!!!  I see her on Sunday...fingers crossed!

So, lovely Stitchers, my question to should I present it to her? As a pillow? Framed? Other ideas?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Project Round Up!

Happy Easter Week!  Here are some quick little projects to celebrate all things Easter!

 Baby Bunny Hat (Kntting)

Eggcellent Egg Wreath (Crafty Project)

The Easiest Egg Garland Ever (Crafty Project)

Yarny Easter Basket Grass (Crafty Project)

All of these projects are super easy and you can definitely do one or more of them before Easter rolls around...have fun!

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