Made By Me...

I am really enjoying this book right now, Made By Me by Jane Bull.  Although it is geared toward young people (it was in the "juvenile" section of the library), it is loaded with all kinds of projects introducing knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch, and sewing.

Demonstrating how to learn all of these wonderful skills are such projects as hand sewn dolls, felt flower headbands, pocket lockets, and lovely little sachets.  So cute!  There's even a section on how to re-purpose materials to store all of your crafty this book!

I laid the book on a granny square blanket I am working on in the picture...which reminds me...I have to finish this!  Do you have a project that insists on staying unfinished?


  1. Love the Yarn box, it is beautiful!

  2. Hi I was wondering where did u find this book it seems very informative ;)


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