Needles, Needles, Everywhere!

So a few days ago I was going on and on about the fabulous wooden needles I got on my shopping spree...which got me thinking about all of the different needle materials available to us knitters...wood, aluminum, steel, bamboo, plastic, and glass.  After a little knitty research, I learned that antique needles were sometimes made with exotic (and endangered) animal materials such as ivory, walrus tusk, and tortoiseshell too (pretty much impossible to find now).

I probably use my bamboo needles the most, they are lightweight and are good when I want my yarn to "hug" the needle.  For fast moving projects that I want to fly off the needles, I always go for my trusty metal needles.  I only have a few pairs of plastic needles and don't use them much, but the rosewood needles pictured below (from Lantern Moon) are my latest obsession...smooth like metal, but with the warmth and pleasantries that wonderful wood brings...simply divine!  So, dear knitters, what is your favorite and why?


  1. I've got my metal ones that i love! I have one pair of bamboo but personally i don't like the yarn "hugging" :)

    1. Love the metal too, when I want to whip something up! :-)

  2. I've used them all but have to say I'm loving the plastic ones from Denise right now. They are hard and smooth like metal but light weight and the set has interchangeable cords for any size project.


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