Summer Stitching Round Up!

With all the heat, I'm not quite ready to get going on super bulky things...just yet....With the last few weeks (more or less depending on where you live) of hot temperatures ahead, here are some projects that are either made with cool cotton or are small and portable for road trips or sipping lemonade on the porch.

These will add some summery cheer to any kitchen...
Kitchen Lovelies (Crochet)

As well as this guy...
Fabulous Fish Dishcloth (Crochet)

Too hot to play outside? Stay in and play with these instead!
Play Kitchen Potholders (Knitting)

Knitted in cool organic cotton, this is the perfect hat for warm weather babies...
Baby Bear Newborn or Preemie Hat (Knitting)

And for your fabulous summer travels...
Luggage Blossoms (Knitting)

Too hot for yarn? Make some stitch markers to gear up for cool weather knitting...
Recycled Stitch Markers (For Knitting or Crochet)

These are so tiny and fast, your hands won't have time to get hot!
Tiny One Round Hearts (Crochet)

Nothing is more portable and fun than a granny square, a great way to make a blanket in the summer...stitch now and join the squares later when it's cooler outside!
Classic Granny Square (Crochet)

More knitting patterns here!

More crochet patterns here!


  1. I am looking for the pattern on who to crochet the Lotus Dishcloth, Can you provide please?

    1. Here it is! :)


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