Sweet Little Hats for Sweet Little Babies!

Made these two cuties for a little one who arrived last week, the bear hat is from this pattern:

Baby Bear Newborn or Preemie Hat

I changed it a bit by making six rounds of ribbing instead of the rolled brim.  Everything else is the same.

The striped hat is from this pattern in the newborn size:

I omitted the flower and did six rounds of each color, I really love this color combination for a little boy for the fall...so handsome!  Isn't knitting for babies the most fun thing ever?

Oh, and here's a cute little tutorial on how to tag your gifts to make them easy for your recipient to care for them and of course to make them extra special:


  1. These hats look so soft and yummy, wonderful job.

    1. Thank you so much!! Baby hats are my very favorite thing in the world to make!

  2. Thank you for these wonderful patterns..I use some of them in my charity work..They are written so well.

    1. And thank you for your kind comment! Your latest afghan is gorgeous! Love that aqua and yellow!!!


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