Granny square goodness for a doll's house

I've been trying to whip up a few little gifts for the upcoming holiday season this week so I can tuck them away and feel like I'm ahead of the game!  Here is something I've been working on...aren't these colors wonderful?

These are going to spruce up a doll's house, because I believe everyone (even dolls) should have hand stitched loveliness surrounding them at all times, am I right?  The granny square is going to grow a bit and become a blanket and the round scalloped number is going to be a little rug.

In case you missed it a while back, here's how to make your own granny squares:

Click here for Granny Square photo tutorial

As for the round scalloped "rug" I used this pattern:

Click here for Kitchen Lovelies crochet pattern

Happy stitching to you on this beautiful fall Wednesday!


  1. Yes, granny squares! I love them and made several so far. Waiting to see upgraded doll's house with a cozy granny blanket and a nice scalloped rug :)

  2. I love those colors and you are right dolls deserve granny goodness just like everyone else.
    Have a great day,


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