Knitting 101 Week...Right Side & Wrong Side (RS & WS)

Oh my dear stitchers!  Knitting 101 week has sure been a blast!  So far we've learned:
Let's take a look at another element of your knitting...the right and wrong side of your work.

When working on a pattern often you will see two abbreviations:
  • RS (Right Side)
  • WS (Wrong Side)

When working stockinette, the right side (RS) will look like this...see all of the little "V" shaped stitches?

Now flipping it over will reveal the wrong side (WS), see all of those pretty purl ridges?

Knowing the right and wrong side of your knitting helps you navigate through patterns and determine just where you are in your work...happy knitting!

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial. It helped me on a hat I am making


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