Knitting 101 Week...Stockinette and Garter

What a lovely week we've had!  Here is the last snippet of information for your knitting tool belt for now...tomorrow we'll recap, then onto more new and exciting stitchy adventures... hope you've had as much fun as I've had!  Happy weekend to you!

The stockinette and garter stitch patterns are the most basic of knitted fabrics and it is very useful to know the difference when working on your projects and reading patterns.

Garter Stitch is worked by knitting all rows.  It yields a sturdy and durable fabric that does not curl.  In the round, it is achieved by alternating between knit and purl rounds.  Below is a section of garter:

Stockinette is achieved by knitting one row, then purling one row, until length is achieved.  It produces those iconic "V" shaped stitches and yields a smooth fabric.  It will curl on the edges, and that can either incorporated in the design element or is often surrounded by other types of stitches to help it lay flat.  In the round, each round and stitch would be knitted.  Check out stockinette below:

Below is reverse stockinette...this is achieved when stitches are purled on the right side (RS).  This looks similar to garter, but will curl like stockinette too.  In the round, every round would be purled.

Here's what stockinette and reverse stockinette look like side by side: 

Happy knitting to you, lovely stitchers!


  1. Hi Jennifer,I've recently started to knit again,but never did anything other than the basic knit or purl stitch.I really like simplicity of the seed stitch,when starting the second row,do you start wit the opposite stitch(if the first st is knit do you do a pearl or vce versa)

  2. My question is, does the purl side of the stockinette stitch look the same as the garter stitch?


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