Wrangling those DPNs...

I have a fear of my DPNs shifting and dropping stitches when I'm not working on a project...while it is not always possible to keep a project absolutely still (especially when a project is in transit), these little guys sure do help!

They are just simple little plastic curlicues (similar to a telephone cord) that you can put at ether end of a project to hold everything together.  I got mine from Knit Picks and the purple are for smaller DPNs and the green ones are for larger DPNs...super cheap and easy to use!


  1. Please e-mail me and tell me what size skein to use for Strawbery Jam neck wrap. There is no size, yardage, weight, given. There are at least 2 skein sizes.


    1. Just emailed you and also added additional information to the pattern page about the yarn. Thanks!


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