12 Quick to Stitch Gifts (and how to wrap them too!)

With the holiday gift giving season fast approaching, many of us are planning and making gifts.  There is absolutely nothing like a handmade gift.  However, if you're anything like me, your list of things to make may be longer than you actually have time for, so here are some super fast patterns in both crochet and knitting that you can whip up in no time and be a gift giving superstar this year!  

These patterns are fast...I mean really fast...start your engines!

Preschooler Rugby Hat (Knit)

More free knitting patterns here!

More free crochet patterns here!

One more thing...after you are finished making your lovelies...how do you present them to the recipient?

Here's how to tag them with a pretty handmade tag and care instructions...

(Click here for tutorial)

Here's some handmade wrapping paper too!

(Click here for tutorial)

Happy gifting everyone!


  1. I have several of these on my to-do list - I am so happy to have found your blog. thanks so much for sharing the ideas and patterns!

  2. Jennifer, you are so kind to share all of these wonderful pattern with us. Thanks so much,

  3. I really love all of your patterns. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!

  4. Me too, me too. Thank you for such lovely things to make!


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