How to Crochet Scallop Edging

Scallop edging is one of those iconic elements of crochet.  There are many variations of scalloped edging  but basically a scallop or shell as it is also called, is formed by working several stitches (commonly three or more) in one space, creating a fan-like shape.

The number of stitches can vary giving a more ruffly appearance, a wavy appearance, or a fan-like appearance.

Here are a few side by side to show you some of the differences...

Perhaps the most classic scallop you'll see is this one below...5 double crochet worked in one space with a single crochet in between each scallop.

Start with a single crochet foundation row (shown here in aqua).  Then skip two spaces, then in the next space, make 5 double crochet all in the same space...

Now skip the next two spaces and work a single crochet in the next space,

now skip two more spaces, then in the next space work 5 double crochet all in the same space...keep going until you reach the end of your piece.  It is helpful to count as you go so you don't run the risk of running out of space, etc.  However, if this happens, no worries!  Just place one space in between (instead of two) here and there and it will balance out.  I have done this many times and by the time I had finished the project, I couldn't even tell...just be sure to spread them out a bit so the change is subtle.


  1. I am curious about what kind of yarn you used on this project? It looks so bright and colorful. It would be perfect for the afghan I am going to make my daughter.

    1. Sure!

      Bright Pink-Red Heart Super Saver in Shocking Pink
      Aqua Blue-Vanna's Baby in Aqua
      Purple-Red Heart Super Saver in Lavender

      Thanks too!

  2. hi, do the foundation stitches need to be multiple of 3's? I am wondering, because what happens when at the end you are left with one or two foundation stitches? Sorry, I am confused on all this works so seamlessly and I don't see a mention of if stitches need to be of any count, so I am hoping it doesn't need to be.


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