How to Crochet in the Round

Crocheting in the round is an important skill to master and can be used for a variety of things like blanket squares, hats, coasters and lots more!  When you work in the round, you never need to turn, just go around and around the perimeter.

To start, I used some worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  We'll make a simple multicolored medallion as our sample practice project.  Begin by making a slip knot loop with your yarn,

Make as many chains you need for your pattern (here we will make 6),

With your hook still in the last chain, join the other end with a slip stitch.

It should look something like this...

 Now we're ready to do the first round...our medallion will have double crochet rounds (your pattern may have something else).  Work one double crochet in the center of the round like this,

Keep going, our medallion will have 12 dc worked in the middle of the circle,

When you're finished, close the circle with a slip stitch.

If you'd like your next round to be the same color, just keep going, but if you'd like to switch colors, just snip the yarn and pull the tail though that last loop.

Now you're ready to start the next round...

Tie on a new color.  For our medallion, we're going to work two double crochet in each space all the way around...

Start by drawing the yarn through the hole and work a chain three, this will count as our first double crochet, work one double crochet in the same space, and two double crochet in each space all the way around...

Here's our medallion about halfway is important to note here to crochet the ends in as you go along.  This makes for a neater appearance and a lot less work later on.

And all the way around...close with a slip stitch.

Sometimes things in the round will have some kind of border or do this work your round in the same way...for our little medallion, we'll do a simple single crochet edging.  Simply tie on a new color and work a single crochet in each space all the way around.

Here we are about halfway through..edgings add visual interest and help to add a nice smooth and clean edge to your piece.  It can also make the piece look more finished.  We used a simple single crochet edging here, but the possibilities are endless and strikingly beautiful!

Here are some patterns that will help you practice crocheting in the round:

Kitchen Lovelies

Modern Circles Garland

Tiny One Round Hearts

Granny Squares

Simply Cheerful Trivets

Tiny One Round Stars

Fabulous Fish Dishcloth

Granny Berry Dishcloths


  1. Even though I know how to do this, it was lovely to see your beautiful yarn taking shape, and your instructions were suburb!
    Have a peaceful day,

  2. Thank you so much for doing these tutorials - as a beginning crocheter, they are much appreciated... and your color choices and patterns are just beautiful!

  3. Hi - When I crochet in the round I get a diagonal "seam" that grows with the addition of each round. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Is there a video? I'm missing something

  5. I think I finally get it! Thank you!


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