I Love Yarn Day!

So apparently today is I Love Yarn Day!  I have never heard of this until today, but this is definitely a holiday I can get on board with.  So today I will take a minute and admire my yarn stash for a bit...no arm twisting needed!

If you're not near your yarn stash right now, I've gathered up some pictures of yarny eye candy just for you from projects past...



  1. nice stash! i loved multicolored yarn:) looks great! Happy I Love Yarn Day! I can celebrate now too.

  2. Amazing yarn eye candy. I love them all but I immediately was drawn to the eggplant Malabrigo.

    For my celebration of yarn day I've blogged about what it is and am also offering 30% off this weekend on my non-fiction book Crochet Saved My Life which is all about the health benefits of yarncrafting.


  3. I love these pictures, and of course your stash. Can I borrow some yarn?

  4. Your yarn is sooooo lovely! I'm a bit jealous! ☺


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