The calm after the storm and a Happy Halloween too!

Good morning and a very Happy Halloween to you dear stitchers! We are busy here this morning making our annual Halloween party preparations, I think I am most excited about the food, as usual!

We are happy to say too our family has weathered Hurricane Sandy, we were extremely nervous as she arrived to the region, but we are OK now.  Very wild and scary storm.  I kept calm with my yarn basket close and stitched my way through it.

My thoughts and hugs to those still dealing with her aftermath, I have been thinking about everyone affected by the storm's path nonstop.  Sending comforting thoughts your way and hopes for a swift recovery.  Wherever you may be today, be sure to give those close to you a hug or kind word.  

That's all for now lovelies, happy stitching to you.

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  1. So glad you are okay, what a horrible storm. Have a great party and Happy Halloween, Meredith


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