12 Great Hostess Gifts

Over the next few weeks, many of you may be traveling and visiting others for a party or a special gathering. Don't arrive empty handed...instead knit or crochet a wonderful gift for your host. They will be delighted that you took the time to make them something extra special to thank them. 

Here are 12 fabulous gifts that you can whip in in no time. If you're feeling extra organized, make a few up to keep on hand too.

Butternut Squash Neckwarmer

Nothing feels more fallish than this one, perfect for autumnal and Thanksgiving festivities. (Crochet)

Luggage Blossoms

For a host who travels...these are also lightning fast to work up and a great stash buster. (Knitting)

Kitchen Lovelies

If your hostess is preparing a special meal, make a few of these to add festive cheer to the kitchen. (Crochet)

Bubblegum Cowl

Soft and cozy, this is sure to be a hit! (Knitting)

Fiona Button Scarf

This scarf works so incredibly fast and looks super cute worn a variety of ways. (Crochet)

Silver Dollar Skinny Scarf

This cute scarf is the perfect accessory for sparkly holiday fun! (Crochet)

Tweedy Eyelet Scarf

A classic scarf that you can personalize with a multitude of yarn choices. (Knitting)

Kristen Shawl

Special and lovely. (Crochet)

Vanilla Bean Scarf

Make this in soft winter white for the perfect cold weather scarf. (Crochet)

Pavement Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf can be worn in so many ways, it makes a great gift for lots of wearers! (Crochet)

Blueberry Pie Scarf

A decadent name for a pretty little scarf...yum! (Crochet)

Granny Berry Dishcloths

After a big party or meal, your hostess will love using these cute but hardworking dishcloths. (Crochet)


  1. Wow! People are going to love these gifts x

  2. Great goodies for gifting! I also prepare some, but don't know who to gift to:))hehe)
    i love you color choice very much,nice cowls an scarves as well. Take care! Anna

    1. Thanks! I'm sure you'll be able to think of someone...everyone loves something handmade! If you have any extras, you could always donate them...I often do that with hats.

  3. Thank you so much - I made the Blueberry Pie Scarf the other night for my SIL who will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. It took no time at all to make and turned out so pretty. I used Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in the colorway Athena - still in the purple family, but more of a color I know she will love. Thanks again for posting all of your great patterns for others to enjoy :)

    1. Gorgeous! I know just the color your are talking about, I'm sure she will be thrilled to get something handmade! i know I would be!

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