An amazing gift...

Our family received the most amazing gift the other day...

A beautiful tree skirt!  My mother in law lovingly crocheted it for our tree...isn't it lovely?

It is a beautiful cream colored yarn with all of these pretty scallops and interesting textural stitches...

It is our new family heirloom, I really, really love it!!  We can't wait to put it under the tree.


  1. I have a skirt made by mother in law many years ago that looks similiar but it has little gold beads around the perimeter. The only thing is...there is a hole for the tree in the middle have to have a skinny tree base to use it. No matter...I love it anyway. Your skirt is just precious! ~Hugs, Patti

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Your MIL is lovely to create this heirloom for your family.

  3. Oh what a BLESSING a LOVING Mother-in-law is to the soul. This will be our 1st CHRISTmas without my beloved MIL; she was also my FRIEND & I miss her very much. All of the gifts to us made with her beautiful, strong, gentle hands are now our TREASURES.

    That tree skirt is a thing of beauty & every stitch is a hug.

    Kathy B. (the one who hides yarn & projects in the ottomans!!;-) )

  4. Wow, that is beautiful. Definitely something to be treasured :)

  5. Thanks for all of your kind comments! I read them to my mother in law and she really appreciated them. You all are so kind. We put it under our tree a few days ago and it looks beautiful. There is nothing like having something handmade in your makes everything just a little more special. :)

  6. Do you (or your mother-in-law) know where I can find a pattern for this tree skirt? I would LOVE to make it and found some beautiful yarn to do so with. Is it for purchase online somewhere? Or in a book possibly? Thanks! - a newly renewed crocheter ;)


      Maybe this pattern???


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