Scrappy Dishcloths

A while back, I mentioned my severe need for some new dishcloths...I rummaged around in my yarn stash and pulled out all of the cotton yarn I could get my hands on and set to work...and used this pattern...

Handmade dishcloths are so hardworking and beautiful and make excellent gifts, at least my family sure thinks so!  The decorative holes in these particular dishcloths help them to dry faster too.

This one I made with some left over green and blue from this pattern (Fabulous Fish Dishcloth) and some blue/green ombre I had just a tiny bit of.

This one I made with the rest of a ball of blue/lavender/white ombre I had left with a purple border.  Now to to weave in those ends!  I love stash busting!


  1. I just love these granny dishcloths, so fun.

  2. These are great!! Do they shrink in the washing machine? Should these be air-dried or is it okay to put in dryer? These will make great additions to Xmas gifts or gift baskets!

  3. i haven;t tried to make a dishcloth yet, but need to after seeing your post. i love granny squares and you can use them in so many ways. let's see if i can also make a dishcloth a good gift:) Anna


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