4 Last Minute No Sew Scarves

Here are are four different fleece scarves that you can whip up even if you only have a few minutes. All you need is a good pair of scissors for cutting and some fleece. The best part about this project is that fleece is a "no sew" fabric, meaning that it won't fray or unravel like some other fabrics. Fleece is relatively inexpensive too, so you can make one for every person on your list, or make a bunch of them up for a handmade charity donation. Have fun experimenting with all of the colors and prints available!

Sizing (as shown):

  • 10 inches wide
  • 72 inches long
Note: If you need yours to be longer or shorter, simply snip the fleece to the length and width that you'd like!

Important: before you begin any of the scarves, be sure to trim off any selvage (you can see what it looks like below). Selvage is a tightly woven edge that is part of the manufacturing process.  It is normally a strip, and looks different from the rest of the fabric.

Scarf #1: Simple Rectangle
(Cut to desired width, then determine length and cut a straight edge)

Scarf #2: Classic Fringe
Repeat directions for scarf #1, then cut 4 inch fringe across each end)

Scarf #3 Wavy Edges
Repeat directions for scarf #1, then cut waves either down the sides or across each bottom edge.  (You can use a fabric pen or dressmakers chalk to draw your waves or just cut it freehand like I did).

Scarf #4 Cut Out Shape
Repeat directions for scarf #1, then draw a shape with a fabric pen or dressmakers chalk, then cut out the shape.  The simpler the shape, the easier it will be to cut out cleanly.

All finished!  You can now stuff one in a stocking, add some to your donations box, or roll each one up and tie with a fabulous ribbon.

One more thing...don't forget to save your scraps!


  1. beautiful and simple! great things don't have to be complicated :)

    1. Yes! I totally agree! Plus I like the fact that fleece is machine washable, I always feel better gifting machine washable things so the recipient will not have to worry about it. ;)

    2. That is a great idea! It truly is! :)


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