Knitted I-Cord Gift Bows

Simple and pretty with lots of festivity, you can whip a few of these bows in no time at all!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Small amounts of yarn of your choice (just a few yards or so)
  • US 10.5 DPNs (I used this size, but try experimenting with other sizes too)
  • Tapestry needle (for weaving in ends)

Click here to learn how to make i-cords

To make the bow,

Cast on 3 stitches, then work i-cord for 30 inches (click on the link above for a photo tutorial on making i-cords),

Snip yarn,

Fasten off and weave in any ends.

Make a loop,

And now another loop, it should look kind of like a figure 8.  Try not to make the loops too big or the bow will look droopy.

Keep making loops until you reach the end,

With a length of yarn (10-12 inches long), tie the loops as tightly as you can.

Fluff it up...I kind of pulled all of the loops forward with my right finger while holding the tails in my left hand.  Attach to a package and give it away!

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