A Handful Red and Pinktastic Projects...

With the arrival of February later this week, I decided to poke around and collect all things pink and red...lovely!

Rock Candy Hat (Knitting)

Circle of Hearts Brooch/Pin (Crochet)

Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap (Knitting)

Tiny One Round Hearts (Crochet)

Bubblegum Cowl (Knitting)

Tiny Hearts Wreath (Crochet)

Matilda Hat (Knitting)

Pocket Hearts (Crochet)

Initial Cut Out Scarf (No Sew Project)

Pink Meringue Cowl (Crochet)

Super Pink Toddler Hat (Knitting)


  1. So much wonderful eye candy. Thanks to you and your lovely designs I've picked up knitting needles again after many, many years away from them ... and enjoying it - thank you.

    1. Yay for knitting! So neat you are doing that again and thank you for your kind comment! :)

  2. The cowls are so pretty. Could you make one that is not made of bulky yarn?

    1. Thank you and yes! Just posted one yesterday in a worsted weight yarn...it is an infinity scarf, but you could just make yours shorter, the pattern is made to be worked to desired length then seamed...check it out!

      Gelato Infinity Scarf


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