How To Double Crochet

Long ago, I made my very first ever crochet project...a granny square.  I learned the double crochet stitch and haven't let go of my hook since!  The double crochet stitch is one of those skills that is very handy to know for a wide array of patterns and projects.  In patterns it is usually abbreviated "dc"  Above and below is a swatch to see what the stitches look like:

Let's move in a little closer to make a double crochet stitch.  Here I'm using some Cascade 220 and an H hook.

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the hook (this is also called "yarn around hook" or "yarn over"),

now insert the hook into the stitch (both loops), 

wrap the yarn around the hook again,

and draw it through the first loop on the hook.  It should now look like the photo below.

Wrap the yarn around the hook one more time,

and draw it through two loops on your hook, it should now look like the photo below.

Yarn around hook one last time, 

and draw through remaining two loops on your hook.  All finished...a double crochet stitch!  I added this picture below from another project to show you what a row of double crochet looks like right up against a row of single crochet...that way you can see them side by side:

When practicing stitches, I like to make swatches and make stitches again and again.  This seems to helps with accuracy, speed, and the tension.  Happy crocheting!

Watch this video too to learn the double crochet stitch:


  1. I love the close of photos of your crocheting. thanks for sharing. can't wait for friday.

    1. Thank you, you're very kind. I can't wait either...yippee!!!!!

  2. I just started Crocheting and I'm Hooked. Just found your Blog and am now following you.I have a Blog Hop coming up that I will be posting my first Crocheted Item that I am sharing. Kinda nrevous about it. :0)

    1. Yay! No worries it will be great...they'll love it...I especially love that purple scarf you made...pretty!

  3. Can I use this to increase around a curve on an oval rug?


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