Super Simple Egg Garland

Last spring I made an egg garland just like this one, it took just a few minutes to make...this spring I wanted to make a matching one.  I thought I'd show you again, be sure to check out the matching egg wreath below too!

This is seriously one of the fastest and easiest things I've ever made.  Gives a beautiful rainbow-y pop of color around the house.

All you need is some plastic eggs and a piece of ribbon or yarn.  I made mine mine exactly like the one I made last year (same exact colors, ribbon and everything, so I would have a matching set)

All you do is cut a piece of ribbon on yarn to the length you want plus a little extra...the start clipping on the eggs!

When clipping them to the ribbon, you can make them a random color pattern, or a springy rainbow like I did,

Then make a loop or tie a knot for hanging, whatever you need for your specific hanging incredibly fast and easy!

Here's my plastic egg wreath, click here to make one too!

Egg-tastic! (I couldn't resist)


  1. So sweet and so pretty! Love the rainbow of colours!

    1. Thanks! They add a nice burst of color around the house. :)


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