Monday, March 25, 2013

The Calm of Blue

I feel as if I have been on a stash busting rampage lately...I've been digging things from the deep dark depths that I forgot I had.  I rescued this skein from obsuricuity, isn't it pretty?  Such a gentle calming blue.

Fellow yarnies, how is your yarn stash looking these days?  I think I may be in need of some spring cleaning...


  1. I love that color. Whatcha gonna do with it? :)

    1. I think I will be making this one into a knitting project...I really need to dust off my knitting needles! I haven't knitted anything in a while, and I am missing it...

  2. Pretty pretty blue!
    My stash needs to be replenished - because everything I have now is being knit into something. I've also collected some for Xmas for my sister. I have stacks of patterns to take to the yarn shop - most likely on Wednesday!

    Linda in VA

    1. Thank you and that sounds like so much fun! A trip to the yarn shop is such a thrill (no matter how many times I go) :)


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