A Swatch Fest

Just working on a few swatches this morning, I think this one is my favorite so far...I just love that color!  I really think it would be suitable for all year long, I like how it has a bit of shine to it too.  I think I'm on a Caron Simply Soft Eco kick, I found a whole bunch of it in the far reaches of my yarn stash: orchid (using that for the CAL), pink, teal, denim blue, and an orangey rose color.  

I think the funniest thing is that I remember having it all, but I have no idea when and where...oh well.  I suppose I'm inspired to use it this month, with Earth Day and everything, but also April is when I like to streamline things a bit and organize.

If you are feeling that way too, here are some ideas for spring cleaning for knitters and crocheters:

Spring Cleaning for Knitters and Crocheters

I would love to hear any ideas you have too, I could stand for a bit of clutter control! 


  1. I really like the Caron simple soft yarn as well. It has a nice, soft feel and a great drape and it's affordable. That's always nice. I'm making a cowl using it right now.


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