CAL: The Treble Crochet Section

Happy Friday!  Can you believe it is April already?  Today we are working on the treble crochet section of our cowl.  It is the last section, then each section (single, double, treble) will be repeated one more time.  Some of you have completed yours already, and they are beautiful!  Thanks so much for sharing your work.

Before we start, if you need to learn the treble crochet stitch or need a bit of a refresher, here's a helpful photo tutorial:

How to Treble Crochet

The very top photo shows where we left off last Friday on the double crochet portion, so for the treble crochet section, begin by chaining three,

and turn,

Then work one treble crochet into the first stitch,

...and in each stitch all the way across.

Let's do the next row...chain three,


and work a treble crochet in the first stitch and in each stitch all the way across until the section measures about six inches, and for a total of 18 inches from where you first began.  This section will grow so fast because treble stitches are so tall, you'll be done in no time! 

Be sure to join us next Friday too, we'll be talking about how to wrap things up and if your curious, how to customize your piece if you'd like to play around with the length.

Be sure to share your photos, progress, and ideas:

The pieces I've seen so far have been stunning!  Happy crocheting and have a lovely weekend!

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