How To Make a Multicolored Pom Pom

Multicolored pom poms are fun and easy to make.  I prefer to make mine with just my special tools needed!  This is a handy skill to know when you may have to add a different yarn to your pom pom if you are low on yarn.  They are fun to add to pieces when you've used lots of colors, they are the perfect, fun finishing touch!

To make multi colored pom poms, you'll need:
  • Yarn of your choice
  • Your hands (the best tools of all!)
  • A good pair of scissors

Start by selecting your colors...I chose three.  I like to unwind each one from the ball a little bit...not too much though or you'll have a giant tangled mess!

Holding the yarn, begin to wind it around your fingers.  All four fingers for a larger pom pom, three fingers for a medium pom pom, and two for a smaller pom pom.

Wrap around and around...

and around some more.  Keep going until you have a nice sized bundle...I like to use more than I think I may need for a fluffy pom pom (not a droopy one)

Cut a length of yarn to tie your bundle,

Run it through the middle and tie it very tightly.

Now it's time to trim all of the loops,

Lastly, if needed, give it a nice trim if you need to shape it up a bit.  If your pom pom is not as dense as you'd like it, just trim it down a little...all finished!

Be sure to save your scraps for stuffing things like toys and pillows too!

Making solid colored pom poms is similar, click here to make a solid color pom pom.

Check out this video too:

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  1. Very pretty, thank you. Will be extremely handy at Christmas time.
    Do you have any patterns for very easy crochet Christmas decorations? I'd love to make something this year.

  2. Great colorful tutorial :-) Thanks!

  3. Great tutorial. I've made pom poms before but not using your easy method xx


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