No Sew Jessie Costume

Here is a super fast and easy costume you can make for your little cowgirl!  Best of all, you can make it without getting out the sewing machine.  Last weekend, I shared this hat pattern:

Click here for Jessie the Cowgirl Hat pattern...

I figured I better share the rest of it too!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Jeans (You won't be attaching anything to them, so they can be ones that are worn regularly.  No need to buy special ones.  I do recommend a straighter leg or skinny jean so the pant leg will tuck easier into the boot)
  • Plain white dress shirt (I found mine at a discount store in the boy's department)
  • Two 8" X 10" sheets of yellow felt
  • Red puff paint
  • Plain belt
  • Cow print fleece or fur fabric
  • Hat and boots (we already had these but you can find an inexpensive foam or felt hat at the craft store and boots are a lot of fun but any shoe can be worn, definitely comfortable ones for trick or treating!  The cow print chaps hang over the front for the most part).
  • Jessie wig (hat pattern here)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
Begin by cutting the felt for the shirt and cuffs (shown above).  I lightly traced out the shapes, following the seam lines of the shirt.  Glue directly to shirt.  The cuffs were made by wrapping the felt around each sleeve cuff, cut to length you need, gluing edges down, and finally gluing directly to shirt.

For added fun, use some red puff paint (solid or sparkly) to make the loopy designs on top of shirt and cuffs.  Again, I did this free hand.

To make the cow print chaps, I laid the jeans flat, then laid the fabric on top.  I cut around free hand until they were the shape I wanted-narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.  Fold top over to make loops for the belt to pass through (test before gluing!)  If the jeans have front belt loops, you can cut vertical slits if needed in the back of the loop.  Let dry completely.  

Note: The furry fabric I used did not need any anti-fray treatment, but use if needed to keep it from unraveling/fraying.

I made them slightly shorter than the bottoms of the jeans so they wouldn't bunch up on top of the boots.  When making yours, try everything on a few times to make sure everything is the right length, etc.

I also added yarn ties (not shown) to the backs of each leg in the calf area to keep the chaps from flopping around.

Here is a close up of the loop where the belt goes in:

There you have it!  I think this is one of my favorite costumes I've made so much fun!

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  1. Will be trying this tomorrow. I don't have a glue gun though.

    1. That's OK! You can always use a fabric glue, it takes a little longer to dry, but it works just as well. :)

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