Fiber Flux is on YouTube!!!

I am so excited to announce that Fiber Flux has a YouTube channel!  I have been working behind the scenes and have uploaded a few videos and am working on lots more!  Please follow this link to visit the Fiber Flux YouTube channel:

Click here to visit the Fiber Flux YouTube channel!

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  1. Congrats on being on Youtube! I luv your patterns and just want to make everything you create. Your instructions are always excellent, so really looking forward to seeing you on Youtube as well. Thx so much for sharing. MO

    1. Thanks Marilyn! It sure has been a fun learning experience and I am working on getting lots more up! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment!

  2. I love your videos. You explain everything very well. I have just recently decided to try crocheting. I love making your button cowls. Since I am new I do better at following videos rather then try to read and follow a pattern. Was wondering if you have thought about making a video for your Earth Fairy Button Cowl? It looks beautiful and would love to make it


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