Free Crochet Pattern...Tweedy Puff Stitch Scarf!

The Tweedy Puff Stitch Scarf is a fun scarf full of texture and rich, saturated colors.  If you have never worked the puff stitch before, this is a great pattern to learn and will give you lots of practice.

Tweedy Puff Stitch Scarf
By Jennifer Dickerson

  • 2 Skeins Lion Brand Tweed Stripes
  • K (6.5 mm) Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle

  • 6 Inches Wide and 58 Inches Long


 Note: Stitch sequence is a multiple of 2 + 4.  To make a puff stitch, wrap yarn around hook and draw up a loop (3 loops on your hook), wrap yarn around hook and draw up another loop (5 loops on your hook), wrap yarn around hook and draw up a loop (7 loops on your hook). Wrap yarn around hook one more time and bring it through all 7 loops on your hook. (Scroll down for a more detailed photo tutorial)

Ch 20
Foundation Row: In the fourth ch from the hook, work a puff stitch, then ch 1.  *Skip 1 ch and in the next ch, work a puff stitch.  Repeat from * until you have two ch left on the hook.  Skip the second to last ch and in the last ch, work 1 dc.  There should be 8 "puffs" on this row.

Row 1: Chain three and turn.  Work a (puff stitch, ch 1) in the top stitch of each puff from previous row, for a total of 8 puff stitches across.  Work a dc in the top stitch of the turning ch.
Repeat row 1 until scarf is desired length.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

To work the Puff Stitch for this pattern:

  1. Wrap yarn around hook.
  2. Insert into the chain (if working the foundation row) or top of the stitch from puff of previous row (if working row 1) and draw up a loop.
  3. You'll now have 3 loops on your hook.
  4. Wrap yarn around hook and draw up a loop.
  5. You'll now have 5 loops on your hook.
  6. Wrap yarn around hook and draw up a loop.
  7. You;ll now have 7 loops on your hook.
  8. Wrap yarn around hook one more time and pull through all 7 loops on your hook.
  9. Chain 1, then you're ready to go on!
Watch a video to crochet the Tweedy Puff Stitch Scarf stitch by stitch:

Try the Tweedy Puff Stitch Ear Warmer to complete the set:

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© Jennifer Dickerson 2013

Please note: Patterns are for personal and charity use only. In addition, if you enjoy the pattern, please link to it, but do not copy the pattern to your own website or blog (including other languages). Thank you!

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  1. Gorgeous! I've just finished your Ocean Air scarf and I believe it's in the same yarn! (James Brett Chunky). I love the texture of the puff stitch on this new scarf!

  2. thank you for sharing! and such wonderfull colours! :-)

  3. Thanks so much for this beautiful and unique scarf! I really like it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Lovely scarf. What weight wool did you use?

    1. Thanks! This yarn is classified as "bulky" per the label. I stuck with the recommended hook size on the label too (K 6.5 mm)

  6. I am using worst medium yarn. Should I use a different or does not matter what yarn I use.

  7. Jennifer, I love this pattern!! Going to try it with my new favorite yarn, Lion Brand Heartland, in purple! :) Thank you!


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