Give It Away...16 Patterns to Make for Others

Today is the National Day of Giving!  Here are some easy patterns that are great for giving to loved ones or as a special charity project.  Happy stitching lovelies and keep up the amazing work you do for others!  

8 Scarves to Give:

Scarves are ideal to make for sizing needed (this makes them perfect for donating) and are essential for staying warm during cold winters.  Do you have lots of yarn scraps?  Consider making a striped scarf!

5 Hats to Give:

Hats are easy to make for all ages, from tiny newborn babies to adults...everyone needs some hand stitched love to keep their heads warm!  Hats are fairly small projects too, allowing you to complete them in no time! Note: If donating baby hats to a hospital be sure to follow each hospital's guidelines...most will require baby hats to be made in washable yarn, as they are sterilized before distribution.

3 Shawls to Give:  

Shawls are a comforting and heartfelt gift...they are like a perpetual hug!  Note if donating shawls to a nursing home or hospice, most require that they are no more than 4 feet long so they won't get caught in wheelchair wheels.  Washable and soft yarn is best too for donation.

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  1. thanks for your super cute patterns and projects... come and visit me, if you'd like to! from Italy!

  2. Jen,
    Brilliant idea for #GivingTuesday! One could also make any of the above for inclusion in a nonprofit's silent auction. Thanks

  3. I love the Vanilla Bean scarf. I bought a very pretty yarn for my son's preschool teachers and I would like to make this but the yarn I got is not chunky and the 14 sc chain is too narrow. How many stitches do I need to add to make it another 2 clusters wider? I am still a newbie and not very good at modifying patterns and sizes. THANK YOU!

    1. Hi there! Just add an additional 3 chains to your starting chains for each V you'd like to add to the width. So 14+3, or 14+6, or 14+9, etc. Hope that helps!

  4. Love all your work. I wanted to know if you have video for the vanilla bean scarf

  5. Love your site!! So many patterns that I want to make, and so little time!!!


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