How to Add Fringe to Your Projects

Adding fringe to your projects is an easy and pretty way to add a little extra to scarves, blankets, shawls and more! It is also a great way to use up the last little bit of yarn left after you finish a project.

All you need is your knitted/crocheted piece, yarn, a crochet hook, and your scissors...

Begin by deciding how long you'd like your fringe.  Some people measure it, but I usually just estimate it (you'll trim it up later too),

Next, as shown below, make a "bundle" of yarn by winding a bit (I usually lay mine out on the table like this):

Then cut...

Then, insert your crochet hook into the stitch or space,

And hook the bundle loops onto it,

Pull it up a bit to make a loop as shown below,

Now wrap the tail part of the bundle as shown, and pull it through the loop!

Gently tighten the knot, and you're done.

Keep repeating across...

 Until you get to the end.

To even everything up, give the fringe a nice "hair cut,"

And the fringe is complete...happy stitching everyone!

Recognize the scarf from the tutorial?  Click here for the Mulberry Scarf pattern...

Watch this video to learn how to add fringe too:

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  1. I love your scarves! I made 3 different ones for Christmas gifts! Thank you!! . I added fringe to one and I used my quilting ruler to trim the ends. Zipped across it with my rotary cutter. I actually had someone ask me how I got it so even. I thought I was cheating but now I think it's a good way to trim up the fringe!! I put the scarf on my cutting mat and took time to arrange the fringe going in one direction, put the ruler over the fringe (in my case I made it 6" long) and cut the uneven ends off all one length in one swoop..

  2. Over Christmas break I made several infinity scarves from a couple of your patterns. I wanted to add fringe to both the inner and outer edges. I used your method of attaching it. I fond that if I wound the yarn around the long edge of a credit card, the length of the fringe was perfect for the scarves.

    Thanks so much for sharing your designs.


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