Video Tutorial...3 Ways to Seam An Infinity Scarf (Plus a Tip for Seaming Lace)

Lots of you have been requesting a video tutorial on how to seam infinity scarves.  I made a video (scroll down to watch below) showing three ways to do it...that way you can pick your favorite!  

Note: These seaming techniques can be used for either crocheted or knitted edges.

I've gotten a few questions lately too about seaming I've also included a little trick I use from time to time to get a nice sturdy seam.

Included in the video:
  • Slip Stitch Seaming
  • Single Crochet Seaming
  • Whip Stitch Seaming
  • Tip for Seaming Lacy Edges

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Happy stitching lovelies!


  1. I crocheted years ago and decided to try again after finding your videos. Your videos are some of the best on the web; they are very easy to follow and narrated very well. I would love if you would add some hats and mittens. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, your videos are so helpful!

  3. Thank you so much for your useful and easy to follow tips.

  4. I love your blog! You make everything so easy. I am a beginner and you make it so I can do just about anything! I have recommended your blog to so many people!!

  5. For some reason, I can't see the video on Google Chrome.


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