Free Knitting Pattern...Arm Knit Button Wrap!

Wear the wrap with the button on your shoulder like this... (scroll down for more options)

The Arm Knit Button Wrap is a versatile wrap that is easy to make in very little time. The wrap is worked with three strands of your favorite bulky yarn, plus a large button to close and keep it in place. Check out the photos to see the many ways to wear it! Be sure to also scroll down to watch the two videos below if you have never arm knit before.

The Arm Knit Button Wrap
By Jennifer Dickerson


  • 3 Skeins of your favorite super bulky weight yarn.  Yarn shown in project is Lion Brand's Homespun in "Baroque" and "Barrington" and Wool Ease Thick & Quick in "Denim" (I used about 1/2 of each skein)
  • 1 large button (button shown is two inches wide)
  • Large tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Your arms!

Note:  You can use any bulky/super bulky yarns for this project, if you are unsure about your yarn and/or the colors you have chosen, you can do a test swatch to see how everything will come together.

You can also spin the button around to the back to wear it like this...

  • Approximately 10 inches tall
  • Approximately 40 inches wide
Note: Measurements were taken with garment laying flat on a table and not stretched out.

To wear it a a long cowl/infinity scarf, wear it with the button at the nape of the neck and let the front hang down low.
Instructions for Button Wrap:

Cast on 24 stitches.
Row 1: Knit all stitches.
Repeat row 1 for a total of 4 rows.
Bind off all stitches.

Finishing & Assembly:

With wrong side (purl ridges) facing, fold sides inward and determine button placement.  Sew button to upper corner of piece with a matching piece of yarn.  Weave in any ends that remain.

Click here for a video to make the Arm Knit Button Wrap stitch by stitch (full tutorial):

Click here for a video to learn the basics of arm knitting:

© Jennifer Dickerson 2014
Please note: Patterns are for personal and charity use only. In addition, if you enjoy the pattern, please link to it, but do not copy the pattern to your own website or blog (including other languages). Thank you!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, this is an amazing work! So pretty I love it! Thanks so much for the fabulous video. I must try to make one for me :)
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thanks so much for such a kind comment! I am very glad you like it!

  2. Love how this turned out for you - I think I will try this pattern soon, especially since it's still cold out.

  3. Interesting but it seems to me that you would have to insure you have oodles of time and no distractions in order to make something in one sitting. I don't see how you can take the stitches off your arms without them getting messed up.

    1. You make a very good point and based on lots of questions about this topic, I made a video a while back about it:

    2. It takes less than thirty mins to make. No need for breaks!

    3. Seriously, 20 minutes if you have a baby at home and have to fit in your knitting whenever you can!

  4. I bought three skeins of Homespun yarn just because it was on clearance and hadn't been able to find a pattern I liked for over a year.
    Just finished this project and I love it. Even if I have to weight a few months to wear it.

  5. a little bit awesome but your explanation is really clear, even when we can't unterstand all the words. (I'm in the south of France)
    Certainly more regular with wool than cotton yarn. Thank you !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Awesome, what a lovely knitted wrap. I want to try this, thanks for the video tutorial too. Nice color and the yarn used is great.


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