How to Take a Break When Arm Knitting

Several of you have asked a very important question about arm knitting...when you are working on a project, how do you take a break and set it down?  Not to worry!  I made a little video to help you out.

When you arm knit, your arms are the tools, so the project is connected to your arms and for the most part your arms are tied together.  But there's an easy fix, and you can come back to your project anytime you want.

Check out this video below, where I'll show you how:

If you like the project I was working on in the video, it's the Arm Knit Button Wrap, a free pattern:

If you have never arm knit before, the video below is a great place to begin.  In it we make a practice swatch to master the fun and easy craft of arm knitting:

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  1. Your timing is too funny! I worked up my first two arm knitting scarves this week (after pinning patterns about a dozen times) and had to stop in the middle of one last night. I actually grabbed an empty paper towel roll and slipped on the stitches. Then thread scrap yarn through the roll before tying in a bow to prevent the stitches from tangling. Worked great!

    1. That is a really great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This case is great.I follow you fondly.thanks


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