Happy Spring! 14 Spring-tastic Patterns (+2 Fun Extras)

Spring is finally here!  Can you believe it?  While some of us are still feeling winter's chill, you can still welcome spring by getting a few of these lovelies on your hook.  After you check out the 14 free patterns I've collected, be sure to check out a spring cleaning article and fun yarny project to make your own yarn grass too.

Happy spring everyone!

(To view each pattern, click the link below each picture to go directly to the page)

One Round Flowers

Crochet Class Cowl

Kitchen Lovelies

Plus...if you're embarking on some spring cleaning, here are some fun ways to get your yarn and craft areas organized:

And, if you have some green yarn left over from Christmas and/or St. Patrick's Day projects, put it to good use and make some yarny grass!

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  1. What a great collection! I especially love the Flower Patch Button Wrap, very classy.


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