Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Use a Needle Threader

Do you have trouble getting thread, embroidery floss, or yarn through the eye of a needle?  No worries!  There's a handy tool for that, a needle threader.  

Below I have two styles of needle for lighter threads, and one for heavier floss or yarns.

Here's the lighter weight one below for lighter weight threads: 

To use it, simply insert the wire loop into the eye of your needle,

Next, run the thread through the wire loop,

Then, using the tab, pull everything through.

Needle is threaded...easy!

The heavier hook style threader is basically the same concept, here it is below:

Insert either hook into the eye of the needle,

Next, hook the yarn on,

And pull it through...needle is threaded!  I hope you find this tutorial helpful next time you need to thread a needle...happy stitching to you!

Click below to watch a video showing how to use the needle threader too:

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  1. I knew how to use the sewing needle threader, but never knew what that hook 'thingee' was. Now that I've seen you use it, it makes perfect sense!!! Thanks for clearing up one of life's little mysteries. :-)


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