Free Crochet Pattern...Coral Blossom Necklace!

This sweet and simple necklace celebrates beautiful flowers growing on a vine.  Crocheted in leaf green and accented with coral glass beads, this is an easy project to get yourself crocheting with embroidery floss!

If you have never worked with beads on crochet before, be sure to scroll down and check out the helpful video, or just click here.

You can make yours any size you'd like, I made mine long enough to wrap around twice like this:

Or as a long single strand like this:

To make a Coral Blossom Necklace of your own, you'll need:
  • Embroidery Floss (I used DMC floss in the #906 colorway)
  • E (3.5 mm) Crochet Hook
  • Embroidery Needle (I used a #24 Tapestry Needle) Note: be sure the eye of the needle can pass through each bead first.
  • Beads of your choice (Beads shown are large glass seed beads)
  • Scissors

  • Your necklace can be as long or as short as you like simply by working more or less chains.

You'll begin by stringing the beads onto the floss with your needle,

Next, put a slip knot on your hook and chain 8,

Slip 5 (or how many "petals" you want on your flower) up against the hook,

and make one more chain,

then chain 8 more.  Repeat this sequence (ch 8, slip beads, chain 1 more, chain 8, and so fortth),

Keep going until your necklace is as log as you'd like to be, ending with a chain 8.  

Tip: If you didn't string enough beads, not to worry, just find the other end of the floss and string them onto that end.

Fasten off and tie the ends of the necklace together securely.  Trim off ends and you're finished!

Click below for a video on how to crochet the Coral Blossom Necklace stitch by stitch:

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© Jennifer Dickerson 2014
Please note: Patterns are for personal and charity use only. In addition, if you enjoy the pattern, please link to it, but do not copy the pattern to your own website or blog (including other languages). Thank you!

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  1. Gosh that necklace is so pretty - it looks simple enough for even me to make. Thank you for the turtorial.

    1. Thank you, and yes it is an easy and quick project! :)

  2. Could you tell us how many beads you used approximately for this necklace? Just wondering how many to string up initially. Love the idea and thank you!

  3. Wow, Jenn, another project in line for me! That's exactly the shade of green I love!

  4. That's a beautiful idea. And it can be done in no time. That would also make a beautiful border for a top or even a blanket. Thank you for the tutorial.

    1. Thanks! And thanks too for sharing your great ideas with us!

  5. Nice work and great idea. Perfect gift for mother's day. I like to add your beautiful necklace in my free pattern link list this weekend, If you don't mind. Thank you.

    1. Thanks! Definitely don't mind, thanks for asking!

  6. Lovely and easy; I will make this in several color combinations.

  7. Lovely and easy; I will make this in several color combinations.

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