Cotton Finger Knit Bracelets...a Yarny Kids Project!

These easy bracelets are super fun project for kids!  Using three strands of cotton yarn, you can make one more or in just a few minutes.  Scroll down for the full video tutorial.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Cotton yarn (I used three different colors, but you can do any color combination you'd like)
  • Scissors (smaller kids will need help with this part)
  • Optional: Buttons and Fabric Glue to decorate them a bit.

I found these fun alphabet letters, how fun would a personalized bracelet be?  

This project is great for kids who'd like to make a special present too...or make some together as a group project.

Click below to watch to full video tutorial:

This is a Yarny Kids Project, happy yarn projects for kids!  To learn more and see more fun projects, click here to visit the Yarny Kids page.

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