100th Video Celebration!

I am tickled pink to share my 100th video you today, I really appreciate all of your votes and kind comments, you all are the best!  After all of your votes were tallied up, the Celebration Scarf won!  In fact, it was by a landslide.  For those of you who voted for the Party Cake Dishcloths, not to worry, there will be a video for that too.

Here is the link to the printable written pattern if you'd like that too.  Just scroll to the bottom and click the green "print friendly" button.

Celebration Scarf written pattern

Without further ado, click below for the Celebration Scarf instructional video!!!

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  1. Yay ! Congrats on your 100th video ! I adore your scarf, it's on my must make list !

  2. Hear hear! You have re-inspired my crochet after a break and this scarf is definitely on my list of makes too-thanks so much and very well done! Alison xx

    1. That is so awesome, and thanks for your kind comment! :)


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